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Where the darkness fades

Have you ever wanted to escape the reality? Just close your eyes and transfer yourself into an alternative world, where no one limits your happiness? Escapisme is that world beyond the reality. And in this dream of a little girl, it's home for the finest sporthorses. You are welcome to come in - just remember to be aware of our furious guards Whiskey, Hex and Shadow!

In Escapisme we have been training and breeding sporthorses professionally since 19.07.2012. Our variety of studbooks is diverse, including a lot of warmbloods + thoroughbreds and ponies. Our horses compete in dressage, showjumping, eventing and combined driving on finnish and international fields - but mostly our horses are finnish warmbloods for dressage, for now.. Every inspiring foal for sale finds its way here, no matter the breed or sport.

Enjoy your stay!



What is this?

This website "Escapisme" is a SIM-game stable for SIM-game horses. The photos are not related to the information on this website. Nothing happens in real life. What is a SIM-game?

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This is a sim-game stable. Tämä on virtuaalitalli.