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Our yard

Escapisme is located in the Central Finland. Our yard is surrounded by huge green meadows, fairytale-like forests and a crystal clear lake. Our horses are in the paddock all day if the weather is good, at night they stay in stable. During summer our horses are grazing in the meadow also at night.

We have two stables, one for stallions (30 boxes) and one for mares (20 boxes). Both stables are spacious and have good ventilation. We use pine shaving as our stall bedding.

For training we have an outdoor arena, an indoor arena and a cross-country circuit. Both riding arenas have good lighting and are suitable for flat work and showjumping.

Daily routine

07:00 Morning feeding
08:00 Horses go outside in the paddock

Horses have hay in the paddock all the time.
Riding is done between 08:00 and 19:00, depending on our riders' schedules.
While the horses are outside, their boxes are being cleaned.

20:00 Horses come inside, evening feeding
22:00 The stables are closed and lights go off

Our team

Natalia aka "Nata" is 21 years old daughter of the Escapisme's owners. She's introvert and doesn't really care about other people, but she has natural talent with animals. She's been grooming and riding horses since she was little. Nowadays she's really into eventing.

Looks: 165cm, black-dyed hair, brown eyes

Our dogs

Belgian Shepherds Hex& Shadow and a German Shepderd Whiskey

Guarding our lands and competing in herding, obedience trials etc.
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